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    Portage Education leads you to a better future. We connect your dreams with reality.

About Us

Portage Education is a company with a broad experience in the educational field, providing a variety of services such as counseling services for individuals who wish to study, work or live in Canada. In Portage Education, we make partnerships with the most prestigious institutions in Canada, offering our customers the best options to continue their professional development by studying abroad.

Among our services, we provide:

  • Free counseling for those who wish to study, work or live in Canada
  • Professional, corporate and higher education
  • English language courses
  • Legal advice

In Portage Education, we want this experience to be unique for you, therefore, not only we focus on offering the students and professionals solutions, but also on giving them useful tools to facilitate their stay in the country, so that they can easily become integrated to the Canadian lifestyle.


To promote the development of students and professionals who want to continue their educational training abroad, collaborating with customized academic solutions in international top-level institutions, reaffirming our support to them, during and after the transition of this challenge.


To be the best ally for students and professionals who wish to continue their studies abroad, offering the best academic solutions, always sticking to the high values of service.


  • Integrity

    Acting always in favor of our clients as a fundamental ethical value.

  • Service Excellence

    Ensuring the best counseling in terms of enrollment process, as well as the other services we provide.

  • Professionalism

    Providing advice on the educational process of the country that the client has chosen to stay.

  • Confidentiality

    Guaranteeing our clients the absolute privacy of the information they provided to us.

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In Portage Education we will be happy to help you build a successful future. Your learning is our priority.

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