Blyth Academy is a private high school academy committed to prepare students for higher education. Blyth Academy has nine schools, with three in the Toronto area (Yorkville, Lawrence Park, Thornhill), and Whitby, Barrie, Mississauga, Burlington, London, and Ottawa and is the leading private school by enrollment in Canada.

Blyth Academy, offers full-time, part-time and private courses, as well as elite sports academies and online programs. It has extremely small class sizes but it’s also large enough to offer a variety of courses.

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Campus Services

Labs, Student Clubs, Academical trips, Student Lounge and kitchen facilities, French Programs, extracurricular sports and more.


Students could stay in hotels or residences. They offer comfort, safety and study areas. The room can be double or triple.

Sam Blyth

An educator with a passion for transforming and enriching the lives of students and their families. A pioneer in the field of international education.

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  • Full-Time School
  • Part-Time Courses
  • Blyth Academy Online
  • Academics for Athletes
  • Boarding Program
  • Private and Semi-Private Courses
  • Repeat Courses
  • Summer School
  • Community Service Activities

Basic Admission Requirements

  1. Application Fees
  2. Terms: Fall and Spring
  3. Language requirements
  4. Tuition
  5. Documents and Credentials

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