Centennial College

Over the past 47 years Centennial College has transformed itself in a worldly institution with a presence in several emerging markets, including China, India, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates. As a leader in internationalization, they’ve done extensive work teaching international students.

They believe an education at Centennial is an education without borders, because the world has changed, and so have they. They are prepared for the next set of challenges: to be more innovative and entrepreneurial.

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Campus Services

Bookstore, Child Care Centre, Locker Rentals, Parking, Study Areas, Food on Campus, Prayer Rooms, Labs, Smart Classrooms and more.


Centennial College offers residencies. As a student, you will enjoy the convenience of having your classes and friends a few steps, as well, you can take part in weekly events.


In cooperation with our partners and allies, we offer full-time programs in the areas of Business, Health and Wellness, Design, Tourism and more.

Ann Buller

With more than 25 years of experience in the college system, she has made significant contributions to student success.

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  • School of Advancement
  • School of Business
  • School of Communications, Media and Design
  • School of Community and Health Studies
  • School of Continuing Education
  • School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science
  • Schhol of Hospitality, Tourism and Culture
  • School of Transportation

Basic Admission Requirements

  1. Application Fees
  2. Terms: Fall and Spring
  3. Language requirements
  4. Tuition
  5. Documents and Credentials

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