George Brown College

Toronto is home to many major industries in Canada. Therefore, the city becomes a living lab for our students. George Brown College has three campuses and several other locations that place students in the heart of Toronto: St. James Campus, Casa Loma Campus and Waterfront Campus.

George Brown's students, faculty and staff receive awards for their excellence, innovation and their many contributions to education and the community-at-large.

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Campus Services

Tutoring and Learning Centre, Accommodation for pre-admission and placement tests, Braille materials, Lockers, Student Clubs, Gym, Locker Rooms with Shower, Sports Injury Clinic, and more.


George Brown has a partnership with Ontario Student Housing. The Housing office is a free service for all George Brown College students. We offer support in helping students to find off-campus housing.


At George Brown, we have partners in many industries and employers communities. You will be able to be connected with them and learn.

Anne Sado

President of George Brown College since 2004. Her impact on the vision, direction and culture of the college has resulted in significant growth

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  • George Brown College
  • George Brown College
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Centres and Schools

  • Continuous Learning
  • International
  • Preparatory and Liberal Studies
  • Arts and Design
  • Community Services and Early Childhood
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • Construction and Engineering Technologies
  • Business

Basic Admission Requirements

  1. Application Fees
  2. Terms: Fall and Spring
  3. Language requirements
  4. Tuition
  5. Documents and Credentials

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