Miami AD School

Miami Ad School students win more awards than graduates at any other top advertising schools the Clios, One Show, Andy’s, and many more because they are exposed to the latest in global pop culture, and learn all the crazy advertising trends, fads and best forms of communication.

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Campus Services

Study rooms, multimedia equipment, interactive classrooms, cafeteria, rest areas and more.


You have plenty of opportunities to find the best place for you, such as an apartment near the University, a cozy dorm, etc.


We help our graduates get jobs all over the world. Students develop a terrific portfolio and network of industry contacts.

Pippa Seichrist

President of Capri Condominium Association, Inc., and director of two companies: Advertising & Design Education Corporation and Partners In Advertising Education, Inc.

  • Miami AD School
  • Miami AD School
  • Miami AD School
  • Miami AD School
  • Miami AD School
  • Miami AD School

Programs & Courses

Portfolio Programs:

  • art direction 
  • copywriting 
  • digital design 
  • digital photography & video

Master's Degree Program:

  • Master's of Mass Communications with an art direction or copywriting portfolio 

Boot Camps:

  • account planning 
  • social media 

Basic Admission Requirements

  1. Application Fees
  2. Terms: Fall and Spring
  3. Language requirements
  4. Tuition
  5. Documents and Credentials

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